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Your name is MARDUK LECTOR.
You are ALMOST EIGHT SWEEPS OLD, and you're an Imperial Trainee. Becoming a trainee is hard work: at the ripe age of SIX, you underwent strenuous testing, both PHYSICAL and MENTAL, in order to be chosen for the legislacerator program. As a JADEBLOOD, your training begins planet-side, so upon  CONSCRIPTION, you will begin immediately policing the GENETERRORISTS who control and regulate the BROOD SLURRY, ensuring that no BLOOD MUTANTS or TRAITOR GENOMES are produced from the next cohort's eggs.

That's not for sweeps, though, and after that INITIAL BLOODY TESTING PERIOD, your life has been mostly easy. All you have to do is STUDY, EAT, SLEEP, and TAKE EXAMS, and lucky for you, you're excellent at it: even if you still struggle to hit a target in MUNITIONS and your LEGAL WARFARE  scores are abysmal, you remain the only troll in your class to never have been WHIPPED for FAILING AN EXAM.
This is because, unlike many of your peers, you have a legitimate fascination with JUSTICE and THE LAW.  Even when you aren't studying, you like reading about UNUSUAL LEGAL SNAFUS, and the HISTORICAL PURSUIT OF JUSTICE - which is so different from the modern day enforcement of law that you'll be carrying out. It's fun to read about them and imagine how it might've gone if you were an old-school acolyte, dispensing justice atop your majestic cholerbear mount. Sometimes you find OLD MISTRIALS and COLD CASES, and you can engage in ROUSING LEARNING SESSIONS SLASH DEBATES with your peers, trying to figure out how they might've gone.. or what could've happened.
Apart from those shining moments, though, you rarely interact with your fellow trainees, who think you spend entirely TOO MUCH TIME WITH YOUR BOOKS, and say it makes you dreadfully boring. They say a lot of things, really - that you're too honest, too blunt, too difficult to read, too HARD TO LIKE. But you don't worry about that. You may not have many friends, but WHENEVER EXAMS COME AROUND, like clockwork, YOU'RE THE MOST POPULAR TROLL IN YOUR DORMS.

Everyone wants to debate legal structure with you then!
And until then, you've made PLENTY OF FRIENDS OUTSIDE THE PROGRAM. Lowbloods might be a coarse and callow lot, but there's a reason they call it BLUEBLOOD TREACHERY and not RED.

NAME: Marduk Lector
SIGN: Ikaros, the forged wings.
LUSUS: Small xiezhi, around the size of a housecat.

STRIFEKIND: Kilij that she keeps sheathed in a scabbard on her side. The perfect accessory to every outfit!

HOBBIES: Reading, watching movies, going shopping, doing fancy things with her make-up and clothes. Researching! Reading about historical legal practices. Hanging out with her fellow scienstiffs and arguing over academia.

Five foot six, overweight: probably somewhere around ~160, 170lbs, with a figure that's more circular than it is shapely. Her horns are three closely clustered pairs that're around five inches at the tallest, with the set on the right being slightly taller than the ones on the left. Her night vision is terrible, and she wears contacts to compensate: occasionally, she'll wear coke-bottle-esque glasses.

Always well-dresssed, very prim-looking, very proper. Almost no scars, and of below average muscle for trolls: her training as a future brood regulator means her training is less physically-oriented, given that she'll always have drones as enforcers.

Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

When push comes to shove, Marduk is a sweetheart: she likes helping people, and she likes people to like her, even if she's not always clear on how to make it happen. For the most part, she manages this through letting people do as they will. She knows she's the blunt of most of her cohort's jokes, but she tends to be self-effacing, and if that's what it takes to keep people happy.. well! She'll generally give in to conflict rather than continue it, but if she feels strongly enough, she'll push the issue, even though she won't particularly enjoy it.

Quiet, relaxed, . She likes working with others, but she enjoys helping more than neccessarily being the lead. Not terribly ambitious! Perfectly satisfied with her lot in life, and not prone to thinking about difficult subjects: she doesn't generally handle stress well as a result. She is realistic and not particularly an optimist, but she has issues in merging what she knows rationally with her day-to-day experiences.

<>: Currently occupied with chasing after Hinnom like a worried cluckbeast. It's not romantic in the slightest sense, but it pretty much takes up the time she'd likely devote to this quadrant.
<3 , <3<: Has an ad already prepared on Bucketfill, so that in two sweeps, she'll already have partners arranged for both quadrants. She views concupiscent quadrants as a bit of a business transaction, and thinks her cohort's obsession with trying to make it romantic is a little silly.


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